​Greg's 78

My wife and I already had a white 98 T/A in the garage and were thinking about getting another white Bird.  I came across this stock, very low mile 78 Formula on the internet about an hour and a half from us.  It was on the lot of all things, a Ford dealership.  We made a day of it and drove down to see it.  We made the salesman an offer, which they refused, and we made our way home.  A couple days later, the same salesman called and said that they would accept our offer if we were still interested.  The car has a stock 305, which was the one minor weak point on the car, but we couldn't pass up the combination of white exterior and the light blue interior.  We thought it was such a great looking car.  We told them we would be down to pick it up.  The day we went to get the car turned out to be the day of the 2003 northeastern US blackout.  No wonder the radio didn't get an reception on the way home.  It even had the original Uniroyal tires on the car, which didn't make for the greatest ride home.